In 2014 I wasn't happy with how I felt and looked, I knew I'd being putting weight on over a long period of time but didn't know where to start to lose this weight, I was told to try a 6 week program with Motiv8, when I went to my first fitness test and weigh in I didn't know what to do, but Mark and Carl helped me and reassured me that i can and will lose weight and improve my fitness, how right they were,I lost over a stone in weight and my fitness level had increased beyond anything I could've hoped for, fast forward 3 yrs, I now represent Motiv8 at obstacle course races all over the country, I've taken part in the world's biggest finishing 224 out of over 4000 entrants this year, with the help of Motiv8, Mark and Carl they cater my training towards obstacle course races, helping me to constantly improve my fitness and strength. If anyone ever says "I cant do it", my answer is you haven't tried Motiv8 then have, because with there help, "can't" isn't a word you'll ever use again when it comes to fitness training.