Mark Flowers: Founder & Lead Trainer

Mark spent 8 years in the military serving as a weapons engineer, physical trainer and an international boxer. During this time Mark completed a series of qualifications in fitness training, nutrition and life/motivational skills (NLP practitioner). Since leaving the military, Mark founded Motiv8 Exercise & Fitness through which he continues to expand his client base working with athletes, well known TV and business personalities, schools, corporates and charities.

Mark’s expertise ranges from educating and motivating through to improving physical strength, mobility and fitness. He does this using a combination of good old fashioned combat exercises, circuit training, speed and resistance interval training and focused high intensity body conditioning routines. Mark continues to broaden his knowledge with health and fitness thus ensuring your training remains current with the latest approaches to physical training.

James Jeffries

James is local powerlifter who specialises in strength training and powerlifting. He holds many titles especially in the bench press, Currently 20 records and counting from divisional to world’s. James is a current world champion and has held European, commonwealth and many British titles also. He is one of the few if only lifters in the UK to have bench pressed over 3 times his ownbodyweight, that lift being the biggest pound for pound lift in UK history. James is the national bench press performance director for the British drug free powerlifting association and was pivotal in securing Motiv8’s award as a centre of excellence from the bdfpa. He is also the coach for RAF powerlifting and holds seminars in all aspects of strength training. In one busy week James managed to coach over 100 personal best lifts.