I can’t wait for each and every session
I had tried all the gyms and I have been to the classes.I had used my memberships over and over again and yet not really benefiting much from the typical training I was receiving.

I decided I would make a change i decided I would come to motiv8 exercise and fitness class and get some real military fitness training. To my shock I found something that really works it gives me the drive and dedication I couldn’t find anywhere else. before long Mark really knew how to push me and achieve that little bit more than i thought i could. It allowed me to smile after training and go home knowing I have had a great workout, I can feel the benefits already all I have left to say is Mark thank you so much I can’t wait for each and every session
— Dean Brodie
My confidence has increased, I’ve lost weight, toned up.
I first started with motiv8 just thinking ill never manage the workout and it looked so hard. I never realised how much I would find myself addicted to working out in the fresh air. My confidence has increased, I’ve lost weight, toned up and it helps that mark really cares about my individual goals. I have already achieved so much. I would never have done it without him, I’ve met some new friends and even my children have started the children bootcamp and love it. Thanks mark onwards and upwards.
— Pamela Chapman
I am loving my fitness with Motiv8, so much motivation from Mark Flowers and determination to push myself more than I could ever have dreamt of. Done the normal gym and classes over the years, but would say that this is definitely the best fitness that I have ever done. Have noticed my body changing in shape and loving it, and know it will keep improving. I couldn’t ask for a better fitness instructor and would definitely recommend anyone to try Motiv8 and you will see and feel the difference.
— Susan Grief
He is highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable
decided to try motiv8 exercise and fitness as I was wanted to increase my fitness level and I was bored with the gym. I have never looked back since. My instructor, Mark Flowers (ex naval PT instructor) made me welcome and was friendly from the off. He is highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable. I first started back in April, and have never felt so good, I have become so much fitter, lost weight, and with this comes a higher self esteem, more confidence, an enormous sense of wellbeing, and an all around better outlook on life. I would highly recommend any of the work out sessions that mark offers to anyone. so come on people…. what you waiting for…..
— Carl Knott
I have never enjoyed exercising as much as I do now
After being operated on twice and 4 years of healing I never imagined I’d b able to do what I’m doing today at motiv8. Don’t get me wrong it’s bloody hard work but I have never enjoyed exercising as much as I do now and I’m getting so much benefit from it! Even in 2 weeks the change in me is amazing, I feel stronger, fitter, full of energy and healthier (not to mention my clothes don’t fit any more!) Thanks mark motiv8 is a credit to u
— Sophie Ing
Motiv8 is No.1 on all levels!
Motiv8 is No.1 on all levels! motivation, fitness with a great team spirit! It’s given January a purpose and a awesome start to the new year! It has to be only the best fitness sessions, EVER !!
— Nichola Buttriss
Motiv8 is great
Motiv8 is great, never a dull moment it is definitely giving me my confidence back and mark has made me realise anyone can do this, his motivating happy mood rubs offing everyone and as hard as the session may be we all can’t wait for the next session, ( gutted I missed tonight) thank you mark you really have created a happy team!!!
— Alan Burch
I love it!
I’ve been to lots of gyms and tried plenty of classes but I’ve never been to one where I’m looking forward to the next session straight after finishing the current one. It’s also rare to see a class full of people with such mixed abilities and age ranges continue to be motivated and pull together as a team – I love it! The added benefit is 6 years after having my last baby I think I may have felt some stomach muscles and maybe even a glimpse of one!
— Mel Ellis
I am so loving this
I hated exercise,,I’ve tried gyms aerobics Zumba ect ect ,,,I am so loving this ,I’ve lost weight and feel fitter.Ive still got a long way to go but feel I can achieve my goals thanks to Motiv8 exercise and fitness
— Karen English
Its good to meet new people to and get well fit too.
What do i love about Motiv8,, mmmmm well tbh I think its the atmosphere you create around you Mark people want to do good and also to show you how well there getting on, i think people get a good satisfaction from that, thats why theres allways a good atmoshere in the hall down to your motivation and encouragement to push, and some that need that little rest to catch a breath you encourage them back into the mix as soon as possible, thats why i like it so much,, Hard but fair, plus its good to meet new people to and get well fit too,,,, So your all ways giving praise out Mark, but this time i think its you deserve,s all the praise, for making people happy around you,, Well done mate,, keep it up,, Adam.
— Adam Reed
Mark Flowers is one to be recognised
You know when people complain about bad service etc etc etc and then when sonebody does something great for some reason everyone goes radio silent – well just to give credit where credit is due – mark Mark Flowers is one to be recognised. He is truly inspirational and motivating. We all know how hard it is for all of us to work out be it to tone, lose weight, get fit and I have absolutely hated it at times but in the 30 years of various classes, gyms (all around the world) I have never been so excited/enthusiastic about going to the next class. I hate it at some points but Mark has this amazing ability to tune in to each and every person in his class and know their fitness ability and their stamina and gives you the correct amount of positive feedback and encouragement to get you to dig deep and give as much as you can. He puts you together in a rabble of bodies in a hall where you don’t know the person next to you or at least you are not really bothered and by the end of the session you have become a team cheering each and everyone along – pretty amazing I would say just got to get my hubby along – well done Mark flowers you should be proud of yourself.
— Maxine Hubble